Tips & Tricks

When I first starting eating a GF diet, I soaked in all of the information I could find on blogs and websites. From GF restaurant tips to baking tips, there’s a wealth of information out there!

Here’s just a sample of my favorite GF go-to sites and brands:

  • Perfect if you’re out of town and wondering where in the world you can eat. Just click on a state, choose your city, and it gives you a whole list of places you can eat and their menus! No need to worry about being sick while on vacation! PS there’s also a glutenfreeregistry app!

  • Not all of her recipes are GF, but she gives you tips on how to make them GF, and bonus, her recipes are ridiculously healthy! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried, and better yet, so has my husband!

Gluten Free Ingredients app

  • Looking at an ingredient list and wondering what’s gluten free? This app is super helpful! Scroll through the list of ingredients and you’ll know what’s GF by the green check mark!

  • What did we do before Pinterest? Search “gluten free recipes” and there’s no end to what you’ll find!

  • I’ve tried multiple brands of GF flour, all of which were decent. And then I found Jule’s. You can use this flour 1:1 just like wheat flour. You can also use it when a recipe calls for cake flour. I’ve tried a couple of her other mixes as well, and so far haven’t found anything I didn’t like!

  • While Jule’s GF flour is incredible, it’s also a bit costly. I like using Bob’s Red Mill white and brown rice flour for recipes that just call to coat a chicken in flour or use flour for non-stick purposes.  I’ve found Bob’s Red Mill products in most generic grocery stores, and even bigger selection at Earth Fare.

  • My favorite are their granola bars. Pretty close in similarity to Nutri Grain bars in my opinion. Great on-the-go snack.


  • Yes, the Pillsbury. The GF chocolate chip cookies are some of the best I’ve ever had. They’re some of the best my husband has ever had. They’re incredible! They also make GF pizza crust and pie dough. The GF life is easier day by day!


  • I recently learned that Nabisco now makes GF crackers. I have tried many a GF cracker in my 2 year GF tenure, and these are the best GF crackers I have found. They have that perfect crispiness and saltiness to them, and they don’t have a weird aftertaste I’ve found in other brands. These get about as close to a Triscuit as you can get being GF!

  • Betty Crocker was on board the GF train before I was. Each Betty Crocker mix I’ve tried is delicious. They’re perfect if you don’t want to make a GF cake from scratch or need to make something in a hurry. So good!

Truth is, there are probably many more GF products I like that I have forgotten to include. I’ll keep adding as I find new things, which I’m always searching for!





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