GF Christmas Cookies

Everyone has their favorite Christmas treat, or if you’re like me you have multiple favorite Christmas treats. From my mom’s cider to my godmother’s peanut butter fudge, to my mother-in-law’s chocolate-coconut candies, I love them all. One of my absolute favorites though is just the plain ol’ sugar cookie. They don’t even have to be … Continue reading

Mashed Potato Cups

If you’re looking to spice up the way you make potatoes, look no further. Even if you’re not looking for a way to spice up your potatoes, you need to make these little cups of deliciousness right away. They’re so easy to make, tasty, and so versatile they would go with almost any meal plan! … Continue reading

Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle Take-Out

I LOVE Thai food. I especially love that most Thai food is naturally GF, making it easier to dine at Thai restaurants. Unfortunately, most of the really good Thai restaurants in town are about 30 minutes away, totally inconvenient! Tonight we made our own Thai take-out meal and I have to say it turned out … Continue reading

Parmesan Garlic Orzo

I just love orzo. It’s pasta without being too filling, and it’s rice without being too grainy. Just like pasta, you can use orzo as a side dish, in soup, or even in salad. And just like rice, orzo can be made plain or dressed up a bit. You can’t go wrong with orzo, no … Continue reading

Thyme & Wine Chicken

You really can’t go wrong combining thyme and wine. They both add so much flavor individually that when combined it’s like the stars are all aligned just perfectly. Add some light cream and garlic and you might just fight your momma for the last piece! Of course the best part of this recipe is that … Continue reading

Lean & Mean Sloppy Joe’s

I’m going to admit right now that I know that sloppy joe’s are just about the least gourmet meal ever. They’re not pretty, not usually healthy, and not really a meal about which to boast. These sloppy joe’s, however, are darn good, surprisingly low fat, and full of veggies. And they gave me another reason … Continue reading

Cheesy Potato Wedges

Tonight was pick-a-steak Saturday at our house. We have recently acquired a large amount of meat (ground beef, t-bones, sirloins, rib eyes, oh my!) from my father-in-law’s farm, so of course we had to put it to good use! Tonight’s pick: sirloin, with a side of potato wedges and zucchini chips. Now about these potato … Continue reading

Italian Night-Gluten Free Style

In my 24 years of existence I have never met a lasagna I didn’t like. Vegetarian, spinach, meaty, red sauce, white sauce, they’re all delicious in my opinion. My husband, however, does not share this opinion. In fact he has never met a lasagna that he┬áliked.┬áThat is, until he met this lasagna. I’m not sure … Continue reading

Easy Cheesy Zucchini

I used to be the pickiest person in the world when it came to food. Seriously, ask my parents. I’m sure I was not the easiest child to feed. I can still be picky, but my taste buds are much more open than they used to be! I’m not sure at what point I discovered … Continue reading

Roasted Green Beans

I love when a side dish can be thrown together in less than five minutes, which is why roasted green beans is a weekly favorite in my house! This veggie side dish is simple and delicious, and can be easily modified for other veggies too! The gang that helps make this dish possible: Frozen green … Continue reading