Shredded Pork Taquitos

Shredded pork marinated in GF beer, chili powder, and cumin combined with onions, salsa, and cheese make these little taquitos so simply delicious you won’t believe they’re homemade. They’re also baked, not fried, which makes them all the more appealing! I first tried this recipe with shredded chicken, but marinating a pork tenderloin in GF … Continue reading

Quinoa Burrito Bowl

Because I love Mexican food so much, especially burrito bowls from Salsarita’s, I decided to experiment with making my own. I used quinoa instead of rice, mainly because I had more quinoa than I had rice, and they actually turned out surprisingly well! I thought my husband might prefer rice over quinoa, but he seemed … Continue reading

Creamy Quesadillas (or Enchiladas!)

I will forever be grateful that my sister-in-law gave me the Vera Bradley cookbook: Cooking with Friends because within it holds one of those recipes I can just return to over and over again: Mama’s Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. They are SO easy and SO SO delicious! My modifications to the recipe: I use lean ground … Continue reading

Let’s go Mexican!

Sometimes you just need some chips and salsa. And a yummy burrito bowl from Salsarita’s. I have always loved Mexican food, but I love it even more knowing that I have multiple GF options at almost any Mexican restaurant. Tonight I had the pleasure of grabbing dinner with a sweet friend at a local Salsarita’s, … Continue reading