GF Christmas Cookies

Everyone has their favorite Christmas treat, or if you’re like me you have multiple favorite Christmas treats. From my mom’s cider to my godmother’s peanut butter fudge, to my mother-in-law’s chocolate-coconut candies, I love them all. One of my absolute favorites though is just the plain ol’ sugar cookie. They don’t even have to be … Continue reading

GF Cookies & Cream Cookies

If you need a dessert to take to a summer party, I highly suggest these. If you need a dessert because it’s a Tuesday, I also highly suggest these. They. are. so. good! And dangerous. Once you taste the dough you’re pretty much done. Go ahead and plan your work outs for the week because … Continue reading

GF Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Just a quick post for your Sunday afternoon. I made these cookies today for a Downton Abbey premier party tonight. Yes, I’m one of those Downton-obsessed crazies. Anyway, I always bring a GF dessert to parties because if I don’t then most likely there won’t be a GF dessert, and what’s a party without dessert?? … Continue reading