Thyme & Wine Chicken

You really can’t go wrong combining thyme and wine. They both add so much flavor individually that when combined it’s like the stars are all aligned just perfectly. Add some light cream and garlic and you might just fight your momma for the last piece! Of course the best part of this recipe is that … Continue reading

Lazy Day Chicken

This chicken has no fancy name because it is truly chicken for the lazy. And today I was among the lazy. Take 4 ingredients and 2 minutes, and about 30 minutes later you have yourself some fabulous flavorful chicken breasts. This chicken goes well with your basic side dishes (I paired it with a broccoli … Continue reading

Simple Pesto Chicken and Broccoli

Garlic. Basil. Pine nuts. I LOVE all of the flavors of pesto! Throw in some GF pasta, chicken, and broccoli and you have yourself a delicious meal in about 30 minutes! Start by heating about 1 tablespoon of olive oil over medium heat. Sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning. Sear chicken on both … Continue reading

Britt Chicken

My sweet, southern husband LOVES fried chicken. I do too, except it’s quite a challenge to find GF fried chicken out there! I started making this recipe when we first got married, about 3 years ago. Ever since then, Britt asks for “his chicken” on a semi-regular basis (hence the name of this recipe). The … Continue reading