Gluten-Free Traveling

My husband and I love to travel, whether it’s a quick week end get-a-way or week long adventure. We love seeing new places, spending time together, and learning how other cultures live…and eat. Eating a GF diet can be a burden while traveling if you’re not prepared. I’ve learned over the years to pack GF … Continue reading

A Fondue Birthday

There are some traditions you just can’t break. One of my absolute favorite traditions revolves around my birthday. Because my husband’s birthday is just two days after mine (that’s right…I married a younger man) we always celebrate our birthdays together. We’ve had this tradition since we turned 16 years old, and for 4 of those … Continue reading

Locally Gluten-Free

It never ever hurts to ask the waitress if the restaurant has a gluten-free menu. Sometimes I just know what to get that won’t be an issue with my intolerance, but I’ve found that most of the time having a GF menu ensures that I won’t order something that will lead to regret later. We … Continue reading

Being a (GF) Vol Fan

I started going to University of Tennessee football games with my dad when I was about 5 years old. We’d leave the house about 3 hours before the game, park downtown, catch the Vol walk, and walk with the Pride of the Southland Marching Band as they marched and played Rocky Top down Volunteer Boulevard. … Continue reading

Let’s go Mexican!

Sometimes you just need some chips and salsa. And a yummy burrito bowl from Salsarita’s. I have always loved Mexican food, but I love it even more knowing that I have multiple GF options at almost any Mexican restaurant. Tonight I had the pleasure of grabbing dinner with a sweet friend at a local Salsarita’s, … Continue reading