Who’s ever really been able to answer that “tell me about yourself” question? Not me. But I can share some of the things I love, which in my opinion pretty much sums up who I am:

  • Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
  • My adoring husband with whom after 9 years of being together (dating and married combined) I’m still head over heels in love
  • My family, the crazy and the sane, the near and the far
  • Anything and everything related to my job
  • My pugs, Molly and Sophie
  • Anything sweet
  • University of Tennessee football
  • Coffee
  • Fall and all things related to fall
  • The people with whom I’m blessed enough to do life


I started this blog to share my thoughts, answer your questions, ask my own, and post my gluten-free (GF) cooking attempts.


To find a hobby through my love of writing. To answer the many, many questions I’ve been asked related to my GF diet within the past two years. To share recipes that I love. To learn about your GF life and recipes you love. To try something new. To attempt to prove that the GF life is no big deal. Ready? Here we go!


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