A Fondue Birthday

There are some traditions you just can’t break. One of my absolute favorite traditions revolves around my birthday. Because my husband’s birthday is just two days after mine (that’s right…I married a younger man) we always celebrate our birthdays together. We’ve had this tradition since we turned 16 years old, and for 4 of those years we went to different restaurants each year.

And then came our 21st birthday. And The Melting Pot. We had never been there before and I had always wanted to try the whole fondue dinner thing…and the cheese and chocolate too of course! Our first dinner at The Melting Pot will always be my favorite. I should have guessed by the amount of sweet tea that Britt had to drink, which led to quite a few trips to the restroom, that something was up. I guess I was enjoying my fondue a little too much to notice that he was so nervous. As you may guess, he proposed to me later that night and here we are 4 years later!

The Melting Pot is now our traditional birthday date, and it never fails to be an amazing meal! Two years ago (birthday #23) we were somewhat nervous about how I could eat GF there and still enjoy the cheese dip and cooking style we liked so much. But lo, there they were on the Gluten Free Registry app complete with detailed menu!

I’m here to tell you, if you eat a GF diet and are looking for a nice place to eat out, try The Melting Pot. Every waiter we’ve had since I’ve been GF has been absolutely wonderful. They are incredibly conscientious about every ingredient that goes in to the pot, especially with the cheese dip, which usually includes beer and a non-GF worcestershire sauce. For the GF dip, they use a GF beer and just omit the worcestershire and honestly I can’t even tell the difference. I have taken my Lea and Perrins (GF) though and they’ll put that in for you if you ask nicely.

The first time I ate there on a GF diet the only dessert dippers I could have were marshmallows and fruit. Now, they have GF brownie bites and a GF sponge cake. Both absolutely divine dipped in melted chocolate! Don’t skip dessert or you’ll never forgive yourself!



We try to get a different dessert every year. This year we tried the “Flaming Turtle,” which they flambe right at your table and who doesn’t think that’s fun?


Here we are! Another year older, another year wiser. I’m so thankful for the 9 birthdays we’ve shared together and look forward to sharing many more!


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