GF Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Just a quick post for your Sunday afternoon. I made these cookies today for a Downton Abbey premier party tonight. Yes, I’m one of those Downton-obsessed crazies. Anyway, I always bring a GF dessert to parties because if I don’t then most likely there won’t be a GF dessert, and what’s a party without dessert?? From all of the desserts on my Pinterest dessert board, I’m not sure what made me choose these. Maybe it was fate telling me that the chocolate needed me as much as I needed it.

These were a little messy but super simple to make. Totally worth the clean up. The recipe calls for a GF flour blend I don’t have, so I just used my Jule’s flour…I know you’re surprised. And of course if you’re not a GF person you can always use regular wheat flour!

These combine the richness of a brownie with the light and fluffiness of a cookie. It’s a good thing I’m taking them to a party or else I’d be out buying bigger pants tomorrow.


Click here for the recipe and enjoy!


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