Let’s go Mexican!

Sometimes you just need some chips and salsa. And a yummy burrito bowl from Salsarita’s. I have always loved Mexican food, but I love it even more knowing that I have multiple GF options at almost any Mexican restaurant.

Tonight I had the pleasure of grabbing dinner with a sweet friend at a local Salsarita’s, where I can have just about anything on the menu! My personal favorite is the burrito bowl filled with rice, chicken, salsa, cheese, onion, and cilantro. Y.U.M! And of course I had chips (they’re corn chips!) and even more salsa to top it all off. Such a delicious meal, and every bit GF!

If you’re wondering what else is GF at Salsarita’s, click here to see their allergen menu.

Who doesn’t love a good Mexican food fix?? I think it’s part of my DNA that I require Mexican food at least once a week..or maybe twice..or maybe more!



One thought on “Let’s go Mexican!

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